And why it is different to the traditional way of moving cars…and what has that got to do with Oil Rigs & Fires…

When a car owner contacts a regular car carrying company – say with the request – “I wish to have my car moved from Oakleigh in Melbourne to Lane Cove in Sydney”, you will receive a dollar response based on the distance from place of despatch to destination.  If you accept the quote a tow truck will pick up your vehicle, deliver it to a depot & then it will be reloaded onto a large carrier, delivered to another depot in the nearest city, then off loaded again onto a tow truck to be delivered to you.  This is a cheap & usually fuss free way to transport most vehicles.  Check that the carrier is insured & the best advice is not to take the cheapest quote, as often the cheapest is not the best –  (another blog topic for another day).

The above is all well & good until a car is more than just the daily drive…

At Max Action Vehicles / Max Prestige Enclosed car transport we add another element to the movement of your vehicle.  When we work for you, our Enclosed Car Carrier driver will attend your place of despatch at the time you require it.   We will then undertake a full condition report of the vehicle.    You may like to supervise the loading of your vehicle.  Once the car is loaded onto our carrier it does not come off again until it is delivered to your destination, by that same driver.  You may like to meet the carrier & supervise the unloading of your vehicle.  Because all our carriers are enclosed we can only load up to three vehicles.  This service is of course more costly than a bulk car carrier that is on a time schedule.

To give a comparison – a bulk car carrier that can carry up to 7 vehicles from Melbourne to Sydney would typical charge about $600 each – so each load will earn $4200

Our enclosed carriers would typical carry 2 cars from Melbourne to Sydney and 1 car back at a cost of $1250 each – so each load will earn $3750.

Out of that figure comes insurance, wages, fuel & overnight accommodation for the driver etc.

The biggest difference though is the safety & care that goes into each vehicle that we carry.  Think about how special your vehicle is and what level of care it requires.

As Red Adair famously said – “if you reckon it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur”



Looking towards Bruny Island, Tasmania for today’s shoot. #wegoeverywhereman #carsonfilm ...

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When your staff are not all that wrapped about going on the ferry to Tassie #thinkibookedthewrongboat #carsonfilm ...

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1 week ago

Max Action Vehicles

Always love working with these guys! #neveradullmoment at Max Action Vehicles #carsonfilm

Never a bad day on set with Shane Jacobson. Even if it’s in the middle of the forest where comms don’t work and a group of school kids decided to camp out exactly where you want to film in the morning.

Many thanks to be shared amongst Max Action Vehicles, Shane’s body double Karl Lapwood, the folk at Tallarook CFA, and of course the legend’s that are Fenton Stephens and client Isuzu Australia.

Director | Nicholas Clifford
DOP | Liam Myles Gilmour
Prod Design | Tierney MacGregor
Grip | Dan Mitton
LX | Jared Fish
Sound | David Ross
Makeup | Kate Murphy
Post | Chris Reynolds
Post Sound | Production Alley

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