List Your Vehicle

Each and every vehicle can be useful in a Film Shoot situation.  No situation is left to chance.  Even parked cars, traffic in the opposite direction is all cast.  Often it is the really ordinary cars that can be the hardest to come by, so don’t think your car is too ordinary to be on the MAX data base.

We are also on the constant lookout for unusual cars – this could mean a Ferrari, an old truck, a well preserved Datsun, a Hotrod with flames on the side, your mums caravan, your best mates speed boat – you name it – we get asked for it!

Costs & Obligations

There is no cost to you to list your vehicle & no obligation to undertake any work.  We will contact you if something comes up that might suit you. You simply opt out if you or your car is unavailable.  Have a look at our FAQ page for any questions you might have, or contact us if you have further queries.

Film shoots are good fun & are a great way to get a little extra pocket money.