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Each and every vehicle can be useful in a Film Shoot situation. No situation is left to chance. Even parked cars, traffic in the opposite direction is all cast. Often it is the really ordinary cars that can be the hardest to come by, so don’t think your car is too ordinary to be on the MAX data base.

Car Prep

MAX Action Vehicles offers a complete service for the sourcing, supply (including camera arm rigs), transport, modification, tracking, and precision driving of all vehicles for the film and advertising industry.


We are based in Australia and will travel anywhere required to fulfil the highest expectations of our customers.

Over 20 years experience

Max Action Vehicles have been servicing the film and television industry with specialist vehicle transportation and location services for over 20 years. Max Action Vehicles is a one stop shop for film & TV services, we help producers source & coordinate vehicles for film, as well as offer specialist location services including enclosed vehicle transportation.


Hi Deb, Just a quick e-mail to say all went well from our perspective last Thursday. Matt and the rest of the crew made Belinda feel very welcome and ensured she was looked after. Many thanks

Steve and BelindaPrivate Car owners

I have nothing but praise for Deb and her team at Macs Action Vehicles. I could not have entrusted my vehicle to better handlers. They were extremely professional in their approach and everything they said they did

Classic IcesIce-Cream Truck

What a job those guys of yours have. Let me know if something like that comes up as well, it would interest me greatly as a Cams licenced car driver and a genuine interest in vehicles of all sorts and how they look. Cheers and thanks again for the opportunity