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Precision Driving

If we cannot supply the appropriate ‘in house’ drivers, we oversee subcontract drivers sourced through Action Stunts.

Action Stunts

Action Stunts Australia is a leading Victorian talent agency specialising in the representation of stunt professionals and stunt safety support services for the Australian film and television industry.

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Richard McNay

Richard McNay

Stunt Acting Driver

Richard McNay is a fully qualified Stunt Acting Professional Driver. He has a background in motor sport – at one stage Australian champion Rally Driver. He has worked in the UK as an advanced instructor for Ford Motor Sport. He has been driving for film and television work since 1992. One of the most experienced drivers available in Australia.

I enjoyed watching the film making process for a day. It was a real eye-opener. So much work involved for a few minutes of final film. Most of the crew were happy to talk about their roles and the actors were quite friendly. They even wanted to talk to me about my car!

Brett Nicholson - BP Australia Pty. Ltd.