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The New Ford Mustang and why I want one

There has been plenty written about the new Ford Mustang.  Indeed, we were fortunate enough to work with the advertising team & racing driver Rick Bates a few weeks ago on the latest advertising feature being made.  Everyone was impressed with the cars handling & sleek lines…

Arriving back at work in one of our enclosed car carriers,  it was dark when the boys unloaded our Mustangs.   I walked around them, never having had a good look at these legendary cars.  They were sexy cars to say the least.  Gorgeous lines, Bright red – they just looked, well, fast.. I opened the door and sat in one for a minute wondering what it would be like to own one.  I googled some reviews and Drives Cameron McGavin summed it up as “The Mustang looks good, sounds good, goes hard and is fun to drive, and backs up its robust emotional appeal with red-hot value and no-hassle ownership. Those who’ve shelled out for one, or are waiting to, aren’t just buying into an automotive legend, they’re getting a great modern muscle car as well.” Pretty right – though he’s missing the crucial part.  So why do I want one so badly?

After I closed the door I spied a light on the floor next to the car – a perfect running horse…   A mark of design genius..    Who cares about performance when you can having a running horse.. Cool!  And that’s why I want one!