Everyone loves a clean car, but there is not always time to do the full overhaul.    We have some handy hints to keep your beloved in tip top condition.

  • Each time you remove yourself from the car – take your rubbish with you
  • Clean windows, clean wheels – It’s amazing what a difference it makes even if you only have time to do these 2 things. Just use some all-purpose cleaner on the wheels, and window dressing on the windows

A bit more time?

  • Clean sills & clean inside the doors – use a plastic / paint dressing for a quick wipe over here
  • Clean inside the boot area – don’t forget the area around the boot area. Once again, a quick wipe over is all it requires

OK – so we’ve spent 10 minutes on the car & it already looks great.  What next?

  • Wash it! Use hot water & proper car detergent!  This takes off all the road grime quickly & easily.  Instead of mucking around with the chamois – just go & park it in the sun whilst you vacuum it, then wipe over with the Microfibe cloth & all is great in the world of motoring.  Or, if you have time to, chamois, by all means.  And if you don’t have time to wash it – seriously, it will already look like you love it, so wait until you have time!

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